Fees ~ Per Term

All fees are per school term, private lessons are charged per individual lesson

Jump'n Jig:

1x class: $130 ($13/hour)

2 x classes: $210 ($10.5/hour)

Grade Level classes (Novice, Beginner, Primary, Elementary):

1x class: $130 ($13/hour)

2 x classes: $210 ($10.5/hour)

3 x classes: $280 ($9.3/hour)

Grade dancer team class (2 hour class): $85 ($4.45/hour)

Adult classes:

1x 1 hour class: $130 ($13/hour)

Championship classes: 

1x 2 hour championship class: $180 ($9/hour)

2x 2 hour Championship classes: $330 ($8.25/hour)

2x 2 hour Championship classes + 2 hour Teams: $415 ($6.9/hour)

Teams class only (2 hours): $85 ($4.25/hour)


Private lessons:

$25 Per 1/2 hr

$20pp per 45min (2x students)

$15pp per 45min (3x students) ​

Joint privates can only be with students from same grade and same dances


Other Fees:

Annual Studio Administration Fee for all students who attend the dancing studio: $35

Annual costume cleaning and supply fee (charged once per student at a maximum): $30


$13 off second and subsequent children from the same family, each term (Discounted off total term fees)


Term tuition fee cap is set at $720 per family (excludes annual administration)

Fee Policy:

  • All fees are inclusive of GST.  

  • Fees are advertised in the The Newry Studio information packs and on our website. 

  • Class fees are invoiced by the term. The full term invoice must be paid, regardless of the number of classes the Student wishes to attend (or actually attends). There will be no refunds, credits, or transfers if the full term isn't completed. 

  • Class fees are based on a 10 week term. If 10 weeks of lessons are not able to be offered by The Newry Studio, then fees are charged pro rata. Fees will not be altered if a student is unable to attend a lesson that is offered.

  • Class fees and all other charges are due two weeks after invoices are sent, unless otherwise stated or organised in advance.

  • A $5 late fee will be applied to all invoices that are not paid within two weeks. A reminder will be sent before the invoice due date and a notification of the application of a $5 late fee will be sent if required.

  • Fees are not refundable nor transferable between students, family members, classes or terms.  

  • Family discounts are available and can be viewed in the Information packs, online and on invoices.

  • Payments can be made via bank transfer only. 



  • If WE (The Newry Studio) have to cancel a class, students will be notified in advance and fees paid will be refunded or credited.  

  • If a student/parent cancels a class, there will be no refund or credit given. 



  • There will be no refunds or credits for withdrawal from classes. Classes are invoiced by the term.