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Jump'n Jig

The Newry Studio of Irish Dancing is a proud provider of the Jump'n Jig Irish Dance preschool program. Designed by an Australian Early Years School Teacher the program focuses on holistically developing children's fundamental physical skills through music and movement. These skills are developed alongside traditional Irish dancing movements and is the perfect way to begin one's Irish Dancing adventure. The program is offered from 2+ years!

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Grade Level Dancing

Our grade level dancing is where all new students 5+ (or in their first year of school) start their Irish Dancing Journey. There are three levels of Grade Dancing at Newry: Novice/Beginner, Primary and Elementary, with students beginning their Irish Dancing journey in our 'soft shoe' classes. Students will then be invited to begin 'hard shoe' classes as their skill levels progress. Students progress through these levels according to their age, experience and skill level, with those students who finish their Elementary level in both Hard shoe and Soft shoe moving onto Championship dancing. Our Grade Level Dancers apply their dance skills in a range of performance aspects including traditional and modern Irish dance, in both a team and solo capacity, at dance exams, competitions and, upon invitation, at public performances around Adelaide.


The Championship classes are the pinnacle of classes that our students aim to reach. Students in the championship program are required to attend a minimum of two classes per week and are encouraged to attend private lessons. The students learn and master very advanced technique and dances and are invited to perform these at a state, national and international level. These students continue to participate in their dance exams, local competitions, and public performances.


Teams and Performance

Team dancing participation is encouraged amongst all students from primary/elementary upwards. Here students learn the very traditional aspects of Irish dancing known as Ceili Dancing. Team dancing helps to improve ones dancing technique, fitness and coordination as well as promote collaboration, relationship building and cohesiveness between dancers.


Our adult classes are for those of a more advanced age who wish to learn how to Irish dance, or for past students who want to return to their love of Irish dancing at a less intense level. In our adults classes we learn basic through to advanced technique, and both traditional and modern solo dances and team dances. It has a goal of socialising, fun and fitness at is core and is a great addition to your fitness routine!

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