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Recreational & Competitive Dance for ages 2+ to Adult

Address: Masonic Hall, 146 Avenue Road Clarence Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia



About Us

Located in Adelaide, Australia, and teaching within the Marion/Mitcham, the Newry Studio of Irish Dancing was started by sisters Julie Idema and Bernadette Helbig over 40 years ago. Their niece/daughter Emilie Court TCRG has now begun directing the studio. All our teachers are registered with CLRG (the international governing body of Irish Dancing), as well as both the Australian Irish Dancing Association and the Australian Irish Dancing Association SA/NT branch.


At the core of our studio ethos is the promotion of a love for Irish Dancing in all its forms as well as relationship and community building between all those at The Newry Studio. We operate under the belief that dance enriches ones life with much more than coordination and fitness and we hope to be able to provide our students with a whole new world they can explore and discover.


Our students at the Newry Studio are able to pursue opportunities that allow them to perform locally, nationally and internationally in solo dancing, team dancing and performance capacities in both traditional and modern styles.


We invite you into the world of Irish Dancing and all that it has to offer you, your family and your community.

About Us
Contact Us
Contact Us

Newry Studio of Irish Dancing

​Edwardstown Masonic Hall, Adelaide

146 Avenue Road
Clarence Gardens

South Australia, 5041

Tel: 0417 401 347

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